About The Red Brick Inn

Discover the rich history of The Red Brick Inn, a place where stories come to life. Originally serving as a steamboat stop, our Inn has transformed over the years, hosting famous guests and offering contemporary comfort. From its founding by Abram Boyd to its restoration as a bed and breakfast, our Inn holds cherished memories and timeless elegance. Learn about our fascinating journey and become part of our story.

Early History of the Inn

Founded by Nashville businessman Abram Boyd, The Red Brick Inn was constructed between 1795 and 1805 as a steamboat stop along the Cumberland River. During Prohibition, the basement tavern served as a speakeasy, with an adjacent space that was Trigg County's first jail. The Inn quickly became a cornerstone of Canton, which was then the size of Nashville. Over the years, it hosted U.S. Presidents such as Polk, Grant, and Jackson, as well as famous artists and notorious figures like Jesse James. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, the Inn's early history is a vivid tapestry of American culture and local folklore.
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Bringing It Up to Date

Following decades of disrepair and a stint as a private residence, The Red Brick Inn underwent a thoughtful restoration, reopening as a bed and breakfast. Its five historic rooms blend tradition with modern comfort, overlooking Lake Barkley and the nearby Land Between the Lakes state park. Today's guests can enjoy not only the allure of the Inn's history but also explore local attractions such as Lake Barkley State Resort Park and the Janice Mason Art Museum. The restoration focused on preserving the building's historic integrity while adding contemporary amenities to serve a new generation of visitors. The Red Brick Inn now stands as a proud testament to Cadiz's rich history and an inviting destination for travelers.